On Zooey’s adoption day her mom and I celebrated by bringing her to the bark park.🍤🌳 The first time we brought her here, she shivered in fear the whole time.😱 As she’s grown more confident and brave, she started nipping at dogs that got to close.😠 Exactly a year after she was adopted; she, for the first time ever, played with a dog that was a stranger.😍 In the excitement & awe of the moment that when I tried to take a video, I accidentally took a picture. So this is the only evidence that she’s not a total freak. Still a freak, just a little less freaky.😜🍤 (at Oak Park Dog Park)

This is what happens when my brother comes to visit…all the dogs get almond butter! 🐶👅🐶👅🐶👅

All-terrain pom 🐺🌋 (at Chumash County Park)

He does this when he’s found a shady spot & is feeling bratty & stubborn. He won the battle though because I gave in & chilled with him. (at Stunt Tower)

Love this guy! 🌺🐶💖 (at Stunt Tower)

Ouija & I took a chance & drove aimlessly with my friend up Topanga Canyon into the Santa Monica Mountains to go on a hike & we found this magical spot! (at Stunt Tower)

🍴🐶 (at Stunt Tower)

🍌🌽 (at Stunt Tower)

🌴🍀🌿🌱 (at Stunt Tower)

🌅 Do whatever makes a better story in your LIFE 🌈 (at Stunt Tower)

🎨🐶🌈 (at Stunt Tower)

🎨🌈🌊 (at Stunt Tower)

🎨☀️🌈 (at Stunt Tower)