🐺💀 (at Pacific Coast Highway)

💀📱⚡️ (at Pacific Coast Highway (PCH / CA-1))

Saw this toy figurine & it reminded me of Ouij; it’s a completely accurate representation of his soul. 👹🔮🐶

Love waking up to this face in the morning! 👻☀️🌈

Bad ass door handle 🐑

How I start my day - by taking a shower & staring bleary eyed at my daily reminders, my mantras, my way of getting me into a positive, empowered mindset. 🚿🌞🙌🌺💦

DFA1979 🐘🐘

ראש השנה‎ 🎊🍎🍯🐟🎉

ראש השנה‎ 🎊🍎🍯🐟🎉

ראש השנה‎ 🎊🍎🍯🐟🎉

ראש השנה‎ 🎉🐟🍯🍎🎊

Last night at Lazy Dog Cafe. These two chunks quietly inched closer as this pretty pibble in a sweater chowed down on dinner. They had to wait till we got home to eat. Sorry, guys but dishes for 4 pups was too expensive! 🐶🍛💰 (at Lazy Dog Oxnard)

Wave runners 🐶🌊🐋🌈